1. What is Internet Presence?
Internet Presence is a software for restaurateurs to create an own website - quick and easy. Internet Presence is super easy to handle, all you have to do is answer a few questions and your website will be online within a few minutes.
2. Why is METRO offering this service?
METRO wants to support independent restaurateurs to go digital and make use of the ongoing trends in digitization. Internet Presenceis one of many initiatives to target this goal.
3. What is the difference between Internet Presence and other tools for website creation?
Creating a website can often be lengthy, complicated and boring. Internet Presence is different: Our process allows you to go online with a stunning website within a few minutes - we will assist you in an easy and guided setup.
4. Is Internet Presence completely free?
Internet Presence is free for owners of a Metro Card. METRO wants to assist restaurateurs to take a big step into digitization.
5. Is Internet Presence optimized for mobile devices?
Yes, websites created with Internet Presence are fully compatible with and optimized for mobile devices so your guests can visit your website on the go and have the content fitted accordingly.
6. When will my website be put online?
Your website will be put online immediately after you complete setup.
7. Can I edit my website offline?
No, Internet Presence is an online-only website creation tool. Setting up your website only takes a few steps and is easily completed; adjustments that are applied after the initial setup will be live immediately. But don’t worry: Internet Presence is self-explanatory and super easy to handle.
1. Where can I get help?
There are various ways to get help from us. First of all, check our help and FAQ section to see if your question has already been answered. If you still need assistance with an issue, just contact us by:
Germany: +492119699980, support-de@hd.digital
Turkey: +902124105350, support-tur@hd.digital
Belgium: +3233289091, support-bel@hd.digital
Spain: +34913219949, support-spa@hd.digital
Hungary: +3618887878, support-hun@hd.digital
France: +33809360909 , support-fr@hd.digital
Poland: +48225001100, support-pol@hd.digital
Austria: +43800222797, support-at@hd.digital
Portugal: +351214258777, support-por@hd.digital
Czech Republic: +420734267946, support-cz@hd.digital
Italy: +390251716969, support-it@hd.digital
Croatia: +385800111550, support-hr@hd.digital
Ukraine: +380800401404, support-ukr@hd.digital
Data Privacy
1. Where can I see my stored personal data?
Click “Login” and go to section “Your data”, there you can export your data and view your personal data.
2. Can I change my personal data?
You can change all of your personal data, if you login via the button “Login” and go to “Your data”. Otherwise you can directly edit in the setting options “Restaurant details” or “Account”.
3. If I delete my account or website, is my personal data deleted?
Yes, of course, if you delete your account all connected websites including all data will be deleted irreversibly.
Registration and Password
1. Where do I edit my website?
To access the editing section, go to website.dish.co and click “Login”.
2. How can I change my password?
To change your password, log into the editing section of your website and go to “Account”.
3. Can I delete my website?
If you do not need your website anymore, you can delete it anytime. All of your data will be gone completely and irreversibly. You will have to start over if you want to set up your website again in the future. You can delete your website in the editing section; just go to “Account”.
1. Can I edit my website from my smartphone or tablet?
You can edit your website from any device, no matter if computer, smartphone or tablet. Just visit website.dish.co and click “Login” to work on your website.
2. What can I do if my preferred domain is already taken?
If your preferred Internet Presence domain is already assigned to another user, you might want to try another spelling of this domain. For example, if pizzaberlin.eatbu.com is already taken, try pizza-berlin.eatbu.com instead.
Content Questions
1. How can I embed my social media profiles into my website?
You can add social media profiles (e.g. Facebook) in the editing section, login via the button “Login” to integrate them into your website.
2. Can I offer my website in multiple languages?
The website is automatically translated in the internet browser language setting.
Appearance & Design
1. How can I edit content on my website or add new content?
You can add and edit existing content in the editing section. Just go to website.dish.co and click “Login”.
2. What happens if I change the design of my website?
As soon as you make changes to your website in the editing section, these adjustments will go live on your website. This way, you can make edits and remove mistakes immediately.
3. How do I integrate pictures into my website?
You can add multiple pictures to your website. Your page requires a cover photo and you can also add stories with pictures. Just go to website.dish.co log into the editing section and add photos. You can upload your own pictures (supported are jpg, jpeg and png files) or choose some from our data base.
4. Can I upload picture galleries?
Not yet. This feature will be added soon.
5. Which size and format do my pictures need to have?
Pictures should at least be 10KB, maximum 10MB. Pictures that are too big will automatically be reduced in size by us; the minimum dimensions are 600x600 pixel and the maximum dimensions are 6000x6000 pixels.
6. What is the best presentation format?
The best aspect ratio is 3:2 (or 1.5), if the aspect ratio of 3:2 is not met, we crop out the largest centered 3:2 rectangle and use that. If the image is too small, we stretch it to fit it, if it is too big, we scale it down.
1. Can my website be found through Google?
We are offering you a SEO ready website. That means our service is optimized to offer you the best possibilities to be found through Google. Our websites are built for Google to automatically detect what kind of business you have and find it accordingly. Additionally, all websites created with Internet Presence are optimized for mobile devices and we maintain high server speeds to ensure quick answers. All of this helps Google find your site more easily.
2. Is there anything I can do to make Google find my website even more easily?
You can SEO optimize your website. You can either ask an expert for help or optimize the website on your own by adding certain keywords, or you can use our text generator, which creates your personalized SEO-optimized business concept.
Domain Management
1. Do I need an own domain to set up my website?
If you create a website with Internet Presence, we will let you choose and assign a unique Internet Presence-domain (e.g. pizzaberlin.eatbu.com) during the setup process. This domain is completely free. You will be able to link existing domains to your website.
2. Why does my domain include “eatbu.com”?
The appendix “eatbu.com” is added because we can only offer you a free domain as a subdomain of our own URL.
3. Can I change my domain after the setup process?
Yes, you can change your domain after the setup process in your dashboard.
4. I already have a domain for my website. How can I use it?
You can transfer your Internet Presence website to your own domain provider. Go to website.dish.co and click the button “Login” and select “Web address”, there you can edit your domain, following the given instructions, under “External domain”.
5. Explanation of technical terms
The domain is the worldwide unique name of a website. A complete domain consists of third-level domain (subdomain), second-level domain and top-level domain (TLD).
As a subdomain or so-called “third-level” domain, the part of a domain is called, which stands in front of the actual name and is separated by a dot.
CNAME record
A CNAME resource record (CNAME RR) is provided in the Domain Name System (DNS) for assigning another name to a domain. The abbreviation “CNAME” stands for canonical name (canonical = recognized, meaning the primary, quasi-real name).
The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most important services in many IP-based networks. Its main task is to answer name resolution requests.
Full Qualified Hostname
A Fully-Qualified Host Name (FQHN) is a host name that is represented as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
A-entry (host entry)
“A” records represent a host entry e.g. www. and refer to an IP address of a server e.g. Web server.
The time to live (TTL, German lifetime) is the period of validity, the data in computer networks is given.
A gTLD (English: “generic top-level domain”) is a cross-border extension - the most widely used internationally is the gTLD .com (for “commercial”).
new gTLDs
The term New Top-Level-Domains (New gTLDs) summarizes all generic domains that should be phased in over two years beginning in March 2013.
Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) refer to a specific country or region (for example .de to Germany or .eu to the European Union) and are therefore also referred to as country-specific TLDs.
Social Services
1. What does the service do?
Upon customer request the service can create profiles with various service providers like for instance Google. We transfer data in order to create a Google Maps listing and a profile in Google My Business, so that people searching for your business will find it and see all relevant information.
2. Why is this service offered?
Nowadays it is more important than ever before to ensure the existence and correctness of business data online. Hence, customers can find their way and are enabled to contact you at any times. The service lets you create listings in various portals and also connect to your website and update existing listings.
3. How exactly is the service working?
We are using the given data from your website and forward them to the providers you choose to activate. Hence, if you activated Google and change for instance your opening times, we will automatically update your opening times in Google.
4. What data exactly is exchanged?
The moment you activate one or more of the given providers we will start forwarding the following data:
  • Name of the business
  • Address
  • Contact information (email and phone number)
  • Opening times
  • Payment methods
  • Facilities and services information
  • Link to your menu
  • Link to your online reservation service
  • Imprint
  • Stories and pictures
5. Can I object to the data exchange and ask to delete all my data again?
At any point in time you can deactivate the connection to any given provider. This will automatically send a request for deletion. The time it takes for the provider to delete your data might vary from one to another. For Google for instance it is maximum 180 days.
1. Who is in possession of the website after creation?
The rights for using your website are yours; we are only offering the foundation for creating your own website. However, you cannot take your website with you or transfer it to another hosting service. As long as you keep your Internet Presence website, all of your data is going to stay within the METRO Systems environment. You can delete your website and all of your data anytime.
2. Who is legally liable for my website?
The owner of the website is responsible for all associated content. Because your website is all yours, you are completely liable for everything that is put on it - no matter if it is written content, photos, legal details or anything else. Please make sure you possess rights to everything you put on your website to avoid legal troubles.
3. Why do I have to add an imprint?
When using non-private websites, an imprint is required by law. We are offering you a template to fill out and make the process as easy as possible. If you do not add an imprint, you might risk receiving written warnings and associated charges. As you are the owner and responsible for all content, it is also your responsibility to add a complete and correct imprint.